Explorer 250 Portable Power Station

– South African Plug

Original price was: R6,950.00.Current price is: R3,999.00.

With the Jackery Explorer 250 portable power station, you can stay charged outdoors and on-the-go. The Explorer 250 easily charges Smartphone’s, tablets, laptops and small appliances such as mini fans or mini coolers. The lightweight Explorer 250 is perfect for road trips, camping, outdoor get togethers and emergency back-up power.

  • Lithium power station: 250Wh (17.5 Ah) battery capacity charges and re-charges devices.
  • Portable, compact and lightweight at only 3kg.
  • Provides reliable power for mainstream electronics, small appliances and more. Ideal for outdoor recreation, camping, and emergency back-up power.
  • Multiple powering options including two USB ports, AC outlet, and 12V car output. Optional solar panel provides sustainable power resource anywhere.
  • Recharges three ways: AC wall outlet, 12V car outlet or via the optional SolarSaga solar panel.
  • An easy to read LCD screen displays charge/discharge data and battery life status.
  • Please note: the Explorer 250 (South African 2-prong outlet and plug) is comparable with the Explorer 240 sold in the USA (USA outlet and plug).
  • The Explorer 250 comes with a handy additional South African 2-prong to 3-prong outlet adapter.
  • Please note: The Jackery Explorer should not be used as a UPS. Do not leave the the Explorer permanently on and connected to items. Do not connect the Jackery output sockets to the mains power.



Jackery Explorer 250 provides power-to-go in a compact, lightweight design featuring multiple connections to charge your gear, devices and more. Use it indoors in your home or office as a back-up power supply, or take the Explorer 250 with you on camping holidays, overland trips, hiking, outdoor recreational outings and much more.

The rechargeable portable power station can keep most of your gear charged allowing you to stay connected and comfortable. It can be used as an emergency power backup at home, or an off-grid power supply.


  • Featuring an AC outlet, a DC carport, two USB ports, and an LCD display, the power inverter can charge multiple devices at the same time, and the LCD display gives you a clear understanding of the battery level and charging power.
  • Battery management system (BMS) and power on/off buttons ensure safety for your devices and yourself. The BMS enables short circuit protection, voltage control, temperature control and more advanced safety operations.
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter ensures safety when powering sensitive devices like laptops and electronics without damage.
  • Additional safety features include LCD screen with charge/discharge and battery life status and switch with indicator light for on/off output port charging
  • Life-long technical support and 2-year warranty.

Phone – 24 Charges

Tablet – 16 Charges

Laptops – 4 Charges

Fibre & WiFi – 7+ hr

Mini Cooler – 4+ hr

TV (60W) – 3 hr

Connecting your Solar Panel

  • With compatible solar power charging the Explorer 250 can perform as a solar generator. So you can have an unlimited, green power source from the sun and keep charged on the go.
  • The Explorer 250 can be fully charged under direct sun in 4 hours by connecting the SolarSaga 100W solar panel (panels sold separately).

Technical Specifications

Peak Capacity: 257Wh (14.4V, 17.85Ah) 71,400 mAh / 3.6V

Cell Chemistry: Li-ion NMC

Lifecycles: ≥500 cycles to 85%

Shelf-life: Charge every 3-6 Months

Management System: BMS, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection

Charge Methods: AC Wall Outlet, 12V Car adaptor, Solar Panel (optional)

Full Recharge Time: 4 Hours (AC) Around 4 Hours (Optional Saga 100W solar panel with Full Sun)

Colour: Gray & Orange

Product Weight: 3.1 kg

Dimensions (LxWxD): 14 x 23 x 20 cm’s

Operating Usage Temperature: (0 – 40C)

Certification: FCC, ROHS, UN38.3

Warranty: 2-Years

Charging Input (DC, 8mm): 12V-30V, 42W

DC Output (6mm): 12V, 10A (DC cable to Car Port cable provided)

USB Output: Two USB-A ports (5V 2.4A each)

AC Output (pure sine wave): 230V AC, 200W Continuous, 400W Surge Peak


Safety by Design:

Battery management system (BMS) enables short circuit protection, voltage control, temperature control and more advanced safety operations. Other enhanced safety features includes:

  • LCD screen with charge/discharge and battery life status
  • Switch with indicator light for on/off output port charging

In the Box: AC Adaptor and cable, DC to Car Adapter cable, SA 2-prong to 3-prong outlet adaptor, User Guide


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of batteries are in an Explorer 250?

A: Explorer 250 contains a battery pack which consists of an optimised array of high quality cylindrical 18650 lithium-ion battery cells with high energy density.

Q: Can I use the Explorer while it is charging?

Yes, the product supports pass-through charging but should not be used as a UPS. This means you can us Explorer while charging, both from wall outlet and a solar panel.

Q: How do I know if my device will work with the Explorer 250?

A: You will need to check the amount of power your device requires. Most devices have a power sticker, alternatively an online search or examining the user guide for your device should indicate whether the device is less than or equal to 200W.


Q: Can I fly with the Explorer 250?

No. The Jackery Explorer 250 portable power station has 257Wh power, the commercial airliners have a maximum allowance of 100Wh

Q: How do I calculate the working time for my device? e.g. WiFi

A: Working time = 257Wh* 0.85 / operating power of your device. For reference, assuming power consumption of your fibre router and WiFi router use a combined 30W, working time will be 257wh*0.85/30w = 7 hours (roughly calculated).

Q: How long does it take to fully charge the Explorer 250?

A: Within 4 hours from an AC wall outlet. There are two additional recharge options.  Recharge from a car port, or from the Jackery Saga 100W solar panel for approximately 4 hours (sold separately).